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Table 3 The most frequently presented problems at the ED and GP-C pooled overall

From: Walk-ins seeking treatment at an emergency department or general practitioner out-of-hours service: a cross-sectional comparison

ED Pooled (n = 1133) GP-C Pooled (n = 768)
Diagnosis ICPC Frequency (%) Diagnosis ICPC Frequency (%)
Laceration/cut S18 13.2 Influenza R80 7.3
Bruise/contusion S16 7.8 Back syndrome w/o radiating pain L84 6.7
Back syndrome w/o radiating pain L84 5.8 Upper respiratory infection acute R74 5.4
Sprain/strain of ankle L77 4.7 Gastroenteritis pre- sumed infection D73 5.4
Fracture hand/foot bone L74 4.7 Cystitis/urinary infection other U71 3.3