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Table 1 Drug groups included in the analysis, branded manufacturers between brackets and patent expiry dates

From: Analyzing generic and branded substitution patterns in the Netherlands using prescription data

Drug name Branded drug Patent expiry datea
ACE Inhibitors   
   Enalapril Renitec® [MSD] 13-12-1999
   Lisinopril Zestril® [AstraZeneca] 8-10-2002
   Ramipril Tritace® [Sanofi-Aventis] 13-1-2004
   Quinapril Acupril® [Pfizer] 5-10-2004
   Fosinopril Newace® [BMS] 4-7-2005
   Fluoxetine Prozac® [Eli Lilly] 14-12-1999
   Paroxetine Seroxat® [GSK] 12-7-2001
   Citalopram Cipramil® [Lundbeck] 1-2-2002
   Moclobemide Aurorix® [Roche] 4-4-2002
   Mirtrazapine Remeron® [Shering-Plough] 13-9-2004
   Sertraline Zoloft® [Pfizer] 28-10-2005
   Omperazol Losec® [AstraZeneca] 18-4-2002
   Lansoprazol Prezal® [Sanofi-Aventis] 19-12-2005
   Simvastatine Zocor® [MSD] 1-5-2003
   Pravastatine Selektine® [BMS] 2-8-2004
  1. a Defined as the date of the first prescription encountered in