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Table 3 Core items

From: The Generic Short Patient Experiences Questionnaire (GS-PEQ): identification of core items from a survey in Norway

Item No. Item text
4 Did the clinicians atalk to you in a way that was easy to understand?
5 Do you have confidence in the clinicians' aprofessional skills?
15 Did you get sufficient information about your diagnosis/afflictions?
16 Did you perceive the treatment as adapted to your situation?
17 Were you involved in decisions regarding your treatment?
18 Did you perceive the institution's work as well organised?
21 Did you have to wait before you were admitted for services at the institution?
24 Overall, was the help and treatment you received at the institution satisfactory?
25 Overall, what benefit have you had from the care at the institution?
26 Do you believe that you were in any way given incorrect treatment (according to your own judgment)?
  1. a Note in the questionnaire: By 'the clinicians' we mean: Those who have had main responsibility for examinations and treatment. Most often these are physicians, but some receive care from psychologists or other health or social workers.