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Table 1 Measures for young cannabis users

From: "CAN Stop" - Implementation and evaluation of a secondary group prevention for adolescent and young adult cannabis users in various contexts - study protocol

Target variable Measure Point of measurement
Sociodemographics Living situation Social network Problems with school, police, debts... Education Prior counselling and therapies   pre, follow-up
Screening for acute psychosis Subscale of the Diagnostisches Interview psychischer Störungen (DIPS; Diagnostic Interview of psychiatric disorders) [26] pre
Substance use history Following the assessment standards III of the DG-Sucht (German Society for Addiction Research and Therapy) pre, post, follow-up
Severity of dependence Severity of dependence scale (SDS) [27] pre, post, follow-up
Psychosocial adjustment Youth self report (participants aged 14-17) [28] Young adult self report (Participants aged 18-21) [29] pre, post, follow-up
Expected positive and negative effects of cannabis use Comprehensive Cannabis Expectancy Questionnaire (CCEQ) [30] pre, post, follow-up
Relationship to friends and peers Questionnaire for health-related quality of life (Kiddo-KINDL revised, subscale "friends") [31] pre, post, follow-up
Family relationships Familienbogen/Selbstbeurteilungsbogen (family inventory, self-rating) [32] pre
Motivation for change in cannabis use Fragebogen zur Erfassung der Veränderungsbereitschaft (FEVER; Questionnaire to protocol the willingness for change) [33, 34] pre, post, follow-up
Personal goals with regard to changes in substance use Zielskala [35] pre, post, follow-up
Self-efficacy with regard to cannabis abstinence or limited cannabis use Heidelberger Skalen zur Abstinenz-/Kontrollzuversicht (HEISA-16/HEIS-KOTZ-12; Heidelberg scales of confidence regarding abstinence/controlled use) [35] pre, post, follow-up
Satisfaction with the training Fragebogen zur Beurteilung der Behandlung, Version Patient (FBB-P; Questionnaire for the satisfaction with treatment, patient version) with minor adaptations [36] post
Peer resistance regarding cannabis use own development pre, post, follow-up