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Table 1 Characteristics of Respondents in 10 Hospitals

From: A qualitative study of DRG coding practice in hospitals under the Thai Universal Coverage Scheme

Hospital Type Size Location Province # Respondents
BK Public Small Urban Nonthaburi 6
NY Public Small Rural Cholburi 4
PT Public Medium Urban Phuket 3
JT Public Medium Rural Chiang Mai 3
MHR Public Large Urban Chiang Mai 5
UTR Public Large Rural Uttaradit 6
JD Private Small Urban Samutsakon 5
RK Private Small Rural Ubonratchathani 4
RC Private Medium Urban Nakonsawan 4
MI Private Medium Rural Mukdahan (refused)
MC Private Large Urban Chiang Mai 3
- Private Large Rural (not available)
  1. Note: The cut points for small, medium, and large hospital size are <= 30, 31-120, and >120 beds for public hospital and <= 60, 61-150, and >150 beds for private hospitals.