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Table 2 Kleinman Interview schedule for explanatory models

From: Conceptual models for Mental Distress among HIV-infected and uninfected individuals: A contribution to clinical practice and research in primary-health-care centers in Zambia

1. What do you call your problem? What name does it have?
2. What do you think caused the problem?
3. Why do you think it started when it did?
4. What does your sickness do to you? How does it work?
5. How severe is it? Will it have a short or long course?
6. What do you fear most about your illness?
7. What are the chief problems your sickness has caused for you?
8. What kind of treatment do you think you should receive? What are the most important results you hope to receive from the treatment
  1. Kleinman A. Patients and healers in the context of culture. Berkeley, CA: University of California Press. 1980.