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Table 1 The intervention package within the Salut Programme targeting parents and their children from foetal life to 1½ years of age

From: Sustainable practice change: Professionals' experiences with a multisectoral child health promotion programme in Sweden

Intervention Antenatal care Child health care Dental service Open pre-school
Motivational interviewing [32] * * *  
Collaboration between involved sectors * * ** **
Parent meetings * * ** **
Health counselling focusing on life habits, mental health, domestic violence1, parent-child attachment, psychosocial health and parent relationships * * **  
Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS) screening [61]   *   
Oral health screening at 12 months of age   **   
"Mothers visit" at child age 8 months including screening for domestic violence   **   
"Fathers visit" at child age 10 months with focus on fathers experiences of change in life situation   **   
Questionnaires for health surveillance ** ** **  
Free dental health care visit for the pregnant woman and her partner    **  
Activities to enhance early parent-child attachment, children's physical activity and linguistic development   *   *
Activities supporting parents to establish contacts with each other     *
Activities to promote healthy snacks/food and drinks     *
  1. * Strengthening or restructuring of existing interventions
  2. ** Newly developed interventions within the Salut Programme
  3. 1 Pregnant women and women recently given birth