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Table 1 Effect evaluation: outcome variables and instruments

From: Evaluation of a large scale implementation of disease management programmes in various Dutch regions: a study protocol

Outcomes variables Instruments Items/value
Quality of life   
SF-36 Validated questionnaire 36 items
EQ-5D Validated questionnaire 5 items
VAS Validated questionnaire 1 item
HADS Validated questionnaire 14 items
Patient experiences   
PACIC Validated questionnaire 20 items
Health care utilisation   
Health care utilisation Questionnaire 18 items
Medication utilisation Questionnaire 5 items
Health and Labour (SF-HLQ) Validated questionnaire 7 items
Clinical outcomes   
HbA1c (diabetes) Medical registries %
Glucose (diabetes/CVD) Medical registries mmol/l
Blood pressure (diabetes/CVD/heart failure) Medical registries mmHg
Lipids (diabetes/CVD) Medical registries  
LDL   mmol/l
Total cholesterol   mmol/l
FEV1 (COPD) Medical registries %
FEV1/FVC (COPD) Medical registries  
Exacerbations (COPD) Medical registries  
BDI (depression) Medical registries  
Intermediate variables   
Smoking/Smoking behaviour Medical registries/Validated questionnaire smoking status 4 items
Physical Activity/SQUASH Medical registries/Validated questionnaire 5 items
Diet Medical registries  
SMA-S Validated questionnaire 15 items
Process variables   
ACIC Validated questionnaire 34 items
PSAT Validated questionnaire 84 items
Relational Coordination Survey Validated questionnaire 8 items
Motivation of professionals Validated questionnaire 32 items
Process measures (e.g. % patients with care plan) Medical registries %
  1. Notes: SF-36 = Short Form 36; EQ-5D = EuroQol; VAS = Visual Analogue Scale; HADS = Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale; PACIC = Patient Assessment of Chronic Illness Care; CVD = cardiovascular disease; COPD = chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; SMA-S = Self Management Ability Scale; ACIC = Assessment of Chronic Illness Care; PSAT = Partnership Self-Assessment Tool; SF-HLQ = Short Form-Health and Labour Questionnaire; SQUASH = Short Questionnaire to Assess Health-Enhancing Physical Activity.