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Table 3 Quality of Care Domain

From: Study protocol: Evaluating the impact of a rural Australian primary health care service on rural health

Components Reason for selection Sentinel indicator items Data source References
Primary prevention     
Cervical cancer screening Cervical smear tests improve the early detection and treatment of cervical cancer and improve survival and quality of life. Cervical cancer screening coverage Audit NHHRC [17]
Immunisation Immunisation is a very important public health measure that can prevent the spread of common infectious diseases that cause significant morbidity and mortality. Immunisation coverage: Audit AIHW [21], NHHRC [17]
      • Children   
      • Older adults (65+years)   
      • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders   
Secondary prevention     
Recording of modifiable risk factors in medical records Many common chronic diseases are preventable if the risk factors are identified and managed so that there can be improved health status and reduced health inequalities and need for health care.    • Smoking status Audit AIHW [21] Broemeling [10]
      • Body Mass Index   
      • Alcohol use   
      • Blood pressure   
Treatment goals and outcomes     
Safety Minimizing or eliminating inappropriate prescribing improves quality of care and health outcomes. Safety - Risk management plan and use of medication alerts Audit Audit RACGP [20]
Diabetes mellitus The percentage of patients with diabetes mellitus for whom the ideal treatment goal of HbA1c* < 7% is met. Management of diabetes mellitus (HbA1c readings) Audit CIHI [18] NHHRC [17]
  1. * HbA1c is a test that measures the amount of glycosylated haemoglobin in the blood - levels below 6% are normal; a person with diabetes mellitus should aim to keep their levels below 7% to reduce the risk of diabetic complications.