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Table 1 Health Service Performance Domain

From: Study protocol: Evaluating the impact of a rural Australian primary health care service on rural health

Components Reason for selection Sentinel indicator items selected Data source References
Accessible The importance of geographical proximity to services; and timely and affordable access to routine and emergency care. • Distance to nearest GP Survey AIHW [21]
   • Distance to usual GP Survey  
   • Operating hours Audit Campbell S [26]
   • After hours services Survey CIHI [18]
   • Availability of emergency care Survey/Audit RACGP [20]
   • Availability of bulk-billing Audit AIHW [21]
Appropriate To assess the comprehensiveness of services in dealing with a whole of health approach to health care. • Availability of disease prevention, health promotion, early identification, sub-acute, acute and rehabilitation services. Audit AIHW [21] CIHI [18] NHHRC [17] RACGP [20]
   • Availability of female GPs Audit AIHW [21]
Effective To assess extent to which a service's disease prevention interventions are achieving the desired results within an expected timeframe. • Immunisation coverage Audit NHHRC [17]
   • Cervical cancer screening coverage Audit  
   • Use of chronic disease registries for diabetes mellitus, asthma and hypertension for timely planning and disease management. Audit Campbell S [26]; CIHI [18]
Responsive To assess the extent to which respectful care is provided that promotes dignity, privacy, safety and community empowerment. • Service response to cultural and other specific needs of people utilising the service Interviews RACGP [20]
   • Community input into service planning Interviews Focus group NZRCGP [27], RACGP [20]
Continuous The importance of providing uninterrupted, coordinated care across programs, providers, and organisations over time • Choice of GP or nurse Survey RACGP [20]
   • Age-specific health assessments Audit CIHI [18]
   • 45 year old health check   
   • Use of integrated care plans for diabetes, asthma and depression Audit  
   • Use of recall and reminder systems Audit RACGP [20]
Efficient The importance of achieving desired results with the most cost-effective use of service resources. • Electronic billing system Audit RACGP [20]
   • Electronic medical records Audit RACGP [20]