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Table 1 Description of datasets for rapid appraisal and longitudinal studies

From: Following the funding trail: Financing, nurses and teamwork in Australian general practice

Substudy 1: Cross-sectional study using rapid appraisal (25 practices)
Data collected Participants Comments
Interviews with nurses 36 Mean length 41 minutes (range, 16-69 minutes)
Interviews with doctors 24 Mean length 27 minutes (range, 12-49 minutes)
Interviews with practice managers 22 Mean length 26.5 minutes (range, 14-60 minutes)
Observation of nurse activity 34 51 hours in 25 practices1
Photographs of nurse-identified important working sites 35 nurses; 205 photographs Mean photographs/practice = 9
Maps of practice layout   7 hand-drawn, 18 printed floorplans
Field notes   25
Substudy 2: Longitudinal study of change in the nurse's role (7 practices)
Data collected Number Comments
Baseline practice descriptions including genograms, service use patterns, context descriptions 7 Baseline data on nurses' roles in general practices, and practice attitudes to teamwork. Collected during two workshops attended by a GP, manager and nurse from participating practices
Project planning and evaluation documents, with output data 7 These data explored the success of the change in meeting its own goals.
Monitoring interviews with practice staff at implementation and follow-up (at least 6 months after change implementation) Nurses: 7 during, 6 after change2; Managers: 5 after change; Doctors: 2 after change Data on the impact of the change process on nurse role(s) from the perspectives of nurses (during and after the change) and managers and doctors (after the change). Practices identified whether a doctor or manager would provide the 12 month interview.
Monitoring interviews with Divisional support staff during implementation and at follow-up (at least 6 months after change implementation) 7 during change; 7 after change Data explored the impact of the change process on nurse role(s) from the perspective of the external support worker
  1. 1 Nurses in one practice had 3 hours of observation
  2. 2 Due to staffing turnover, the practice nurse involved in one change project had left at follow-up.