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Table 1 Classification, award titles, and descriptions of innovations

From: Understanding innovators' experiences of barriers and facilitators in implementation and diffusion of healthcare service innovations: a qualitative study

Innovations directly related to healthcare provision
Categories Award titles Short description
I. Innovations of specified healthcare provision 1. World Class Commissioning 1. Initiative that developed a timely and coordinated hyper-acute service provision to stroke patients with early care and fast access to services, and educated organisations to implement stroke care according to national guidelines
  2. Clinical Service Redesign 2. Initiative that redesigned the acute stroke service offering rapid assessment and care provision, and rehabilitation closer to home
  3. Mental Health Innovation 3. Initiative that provided evidence-based interventions to chronic respiratory patients helping them to manage their synchronic mental health conditions (e.g. depression)
  4. Best Social Marketing Project 4. Initiative that targeted pregnant women to access smoking cessation services, designed on the basis of their needs
II. Innovations related to the overall organisational function 1. Primary Care Organisation of the Year 1. Initiative that concerned a variety of organisational functions, from several health care provision programmes and sound financial management, to the development of local partnerships and the positioning of the organisation as a leader
III. Innovations related to patients' safety* 1. Acute & Primary Care Innovation 1. A reliability checklist that ensured the conduction and revision of appropriate medical checks in round-wards
  2. Improving Care with Technology 2. A technologically-based innovation that secured adherence to evidence-based guidelines during the blood transfusion process, reducing errors/omissions, paperwork, process time per patient and staff capacity requirements
IV. Innovations of patients' access and reception of healthcare 1. Improving Patient Access 1. Initiative that improved prisoners' access to healthcare services through their involvement and the development of the scheme of "prisoner healthcare representatives"
  2. Patient Centred Care 2. Initiative that applied a patient-centred model of care giving patients choice, involvement and control over their care experience
V. Innovations of educational services 1. Mental Health Innovation 1. A training programme that educated professionals in evidence-based family interventions, increasing their awareness to the needs of carers of mentally ill patients
  2. Skills Development 2. A training programme that educated diabetes diagnosed patients to better self-manage their condition and provided continued professional development to trainers and educators.
Innovations less related to healthcare provision
Categories Award titles Short description
VI. Innovations related to human resources 1. Recruitment & Retention 1. A human-resources and workforce development initiative that reformed the recruitment and retention practices through the provision of training programmes and employment opportunities to local unemployed and excluded groups
  2. Workforce Development 2. A workforce transformation programme that prepared staff to provide care closer to home
VII. Innovations related to other organisational functions (e.g. logistics) 1. Good Corporate Citizenship 1. Initiative that introduced a transportation scheme, IT developments and new methods of food procurement and waste management which increased organisational sustainability and supported the local economy
  2. Best Social Marketing Project 2. Initiative that provided free access to leisure facilities to disadvantaged groups of citizens in collaboration with the city council
  1. * Technological products were incorporated