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Table 1 Unit Costs (£ 2008)

From: Cost-effectiveness of cognitive behaviour therapy versus talking and usual care for depressed older people in primary care

Community Health
(PSSRU Unit Costs 2008)
GP contact 36 Per clinic consultation lasting 11.7 minutes
Phoned GP for advice 22 phone call 7.1 mins
GP home visits 58 home visit 23.4 mins
Practice nurse 11 Per consultation
Phoned practice nurse 6.72 data not available. set as a proportion according to GP time consult: phone visit
District nurse 26 Per home visit
Health Visitor 16.5 £33 per hour inc quals; Assume 30 mins session.
Psychiatrist 106 Per contract hour
Clinical psychologist 41 Per professional chargeable hour.
Occupational Therapist 66 Average cost for a one to one contact.
Physiotherapist 42 Average cost for a one to one contact.
Community Psychiatric nurse 32 Nurse specialist (community). Per hour (including qualifications)
Counsellor/Indiv Therapist 40 Per hour of client contact. Counselling services in primary medical care.
Intervention costs   
CBT session 66 CBT session
Talking control session 24 Social worker assistant