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Table 3 Results of the categories and related subcategories found in the analysis

From: Testing the WHO responsiveness concept in the Iranian mental healthcare system: a qualitative study of service users

Category Sub-categories Definition
Attention** Close relationship Close and affable dialogue between mental health workers and patients
  Insightful listening To attend to and to respond with deep understanding to the patients
  Enough time Having enough time to ask questions about mental health problem or treatment
  Thoughtful care Proactive and careful follow-up of the process of treatment by service providers
  Empathy Mental healthcare providers show they understand how patients feel about their problem
Dignity Respectful care Showing respect when treating patients
  Non-stigmatizing treatment Not being stigmatized when dealing with service providers
  Taking patients seriously Patient problems and complaints are taken seriously
  Maintaining individuality To recognize patients' individual needs and characteristics
Clear communication Informative counselling To provide patients with understandable information about their problem
  Comprehensibility of information To provide information about patient problems in a comprehensible manner
Autonomy Choice of care Services and providers can be chosen freely
  Participation in care process To be able to participate in therapeutic decisions and processes
  Feeling equal power Patient/provider relationship at the same level
Effective care* Practicality To provide practical advice in congruence with patient norms and values
  Continuous care Continuity of care across services and sectors, to provide care by same familiar person
  Appropriate use of resources To provide services commensurate with costs such as time and money
Access to care** Convenient access to acceptable care Acceptable care provided as soon as needed by patient
Confidentiality No subcategories found To handle patients' information confidentially
Quality of basic amenities No subcategories found To be treated in clean, informal and friendly places
Access to social support No subcategories found Contact with family, friends and peers is promoted
  1. * New categories
  2. ** New labelled category