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Table 4 Barriers and facilitators for the implementation of EAFD and EASD reported by project assistants of experimental pharmacies

From: Implementation of patient education at first and second dispensing of statins in Dutch community pharmacies: the sequel of a cluster randomized trial

Barriers related to the: Influenced which step of implementation process Frequency of reporting (number of pharmacies)
Individual professionals   
   Lack of pharmacist's initiative to start with EAFD and EASD Getting started 8
   Pharmacist wanted to wait for list returned from GPs Getting started 5
   Forgetting to fill in the checklist sometimes Registration 2
   Difficulties with opening a conversation at the moment of second dispensing Getting started and continuation 1
Organizational context   
   Insufficient staff Getting started 5
   Lack of routine because of limited number of new statin users Continuation 2
   Lack of experience with EASD Getting started 2
   Other priorities in pharmacy Getting started 1
   Negative reactions of patients Continuation 4
Facilitators related to the:   
Individual professionals   
   Enthusiastic pharmacy technicians Getting started 8
Organizational context   
   Pharmacy technicians used to providing EAFD and/or EASD Getting started 7
   Availability of project materials Getting started 2
   Computer reminder at the moment of first or second dispensing Continuation 2
   Patients were informed already by GP Continuation 2
   Feedback to pharmacy technicians by pharmacist Continuation 1
   Materials on a visible place Continuation 1
   EAFD and EASD fits well into regular work system Continuation 1
   Positive reactions of patients Continuation 5