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Table 3 Dimensions and sample items of the two sections of the SafeTeam questionnaire

From: Effectiveness of classroom based crew resource management training in the intensive care unit: study design of a controlled trial

Dimension Sample items
  SafeTeamA SafeTeamB
  In my opinion... In this ICU...
Information sharing team members should ask questions if something is unclear I ask questions when something is unclear to me
Feedback seeking & giving every team member should be able to give feedback everyone is minding its own business*
Teamwork it is a bad idea when members of a team interfere with each others task* we work as a true team
Situational awareness we should as a team constantly check if something unusual occurs during the treatment of a patient we discuss as a team the possibility that something unusual occurs
Speaking up someone should speak up when he or she notices that a team member is not alert I speak up when I notice that one of the team members is not alert
Perceived infallibility it is easy to make mistakes when the tension is high* my performance is less when I am stressed or tired
Leader coaching a successful treatment depends on the competence of the physician there is a significant difference in status between team members
  1. *Reversed coded