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Table 2 Overview of the measurements for each level of Kirkpatrick

From: Effectiveness of classroom based crew resource management training in the intensive care unit: study design of a controlled trial

   Measurement properties Data collection period
Measurements per Level of Kirkpatrick # Dimensions # Items (k) Scale Fill out time (min) Baseline After the training 1st Follow-Up 2nd Follow-up
I Reaction to the training programme         
  - End-of-course critique questionnaire* n/a 21 5-Likert 5   X   
  - Evaluation questionnaire* n/a 13 5-Likert 5    X  
II Learning from the training programme         
  - SafeTeamA questionnaire (attitude towards non-technical skills) 7 43 5-Likert 10 X    X
III Behavioural change as result of the training         
  - SafeTeamB questionnaire (perception of the use of non-technical skills) 7 39 5-Likert 10 X    X
  - Process control questionnaire 5 28 Yes/No 5    X X
  - Observation of non-technical skills 6 30 Count n/a X    X
  - Interview implementation progress* n/a n/a n/a n/a   X X X
IV The impact of the training on the organisation         
  - - COMPaZ (Patent safety culture questionnaire) 11        
  - Error culture questionnaire 11 47 5-Likert 10 X    X
  - Job satisfaction and affective commitment to the ICU 7 18 5-Likert 5 X    X
  - Intake questionnaire n/a n/a n/a n/a X    X
  - Routine administration data n/a n/a n/a n/a Continuous
  1. * These measurements were only collected in the intervention groups
  2. n/a = not applicable