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Table 3 Reliability Analysis of the Survey Items Composing the Three Factors

From: Challenges to the provision of diabetes care in first nations communities: results from a national survey of healthcare providers in Canada

Factors Survey Items Cronbach's Alpha Corrected item-Total correlation Cronbach's Alpha if item Deleted
Patient Improve adherence to medication 0.848 0.712 0.808
Patient Reduce frequency of missed appointments 0.848 0.643 0.820
Patient Help patients seek preventative care so they don't only seek acute care 0.848 0.712 0.811
Patient Address staffing shortages 0.848 0.646 0.825
Patient Address environmental factors (e.g. type of food in store) that make it difficult for patients to adopt healthy lifestyles 0.848 0.601 0.829
Patient Motivate patients to adopt healthy lifestyles 0.848 0.531 0.841
Provider Increase provider knowledge about diabetes management 0.852 0.682 0.817
Provider Improve clinical practice guidelines 0.852 0.615 0.837
Provider Provide specialized training to deal with diabetes related complications 0.852 0.733 0.806
Provider Advocate making diabetes care a priority for clinic staff 0.852 0.686 0.815
Provider Develop a system or improve the system for diabetes management and follow up 0.852 0.621 0.832
Systemic Advocate making diabetes care a priority for tribal leadership 0.732 0.408 0.733
Systemic Extend the time healthcare staff are in the community 0.732 0.591 0.630
Systemic Ease access to post-clinical services (lab, referrals, medications) 0.732 0.568 0.645
Systemic Address communication difficulties between healthcare staff and patients 0.732 0.543 0.667