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Table 1 Recruitment and retention factors on which telehealth could have an effect

From: Supporting work practices through telehealth: impact on nurses in peripheral regions

Organizational factors
Counter work overload by (RC & RT):
   ◦ Putting into place on-call systems
   ◦ Stabilising services
Increased diversity of available care (RC & RT)
Stimulating work environment (RC & RT)
Professional factors
Access to the support of colleagues in large centres (RC & RT)
Decreased feeling of professional isolation (RC & RT)
Possibility to receive a second opinion (RC & RT)
Better knowledge of remote medical teams through distance training (RC)
Contacts between peers (RC & RT)
Discussion about complex cases (RC & RT)
Decision-making support (RC & RT)
Educational factors
Increased access to continued education (RC & RT)
Updating knowledge (RT)
Possibility to teach (RC)
Give recruits training better adapted to the needs of remote areas (RT)
Organizational factors
Justify the fact that physicians remain in large centres (RC)
Give perceptions of a staff shortage (RC)
An increase of heavy cases for remote areas (RC)
Professional factors
Recruitment of people who do not have the necessary competencies to practice in remote regions (RT)
Educational factors
Limited off-site training (RC)
  1. RC = recruitment; RT = retention