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Table 4 Average cost of two-weekly administration of risperidone LAI (by ASGC region and nationally)

From: The cost associated with administering risperidone long-acting injections in the Australian community

Total cost pert two-weekly injection of risperidone LAI (Weighted)aby ASGC region ASGC region: Major Cities ASGC region: Inner Regional ASGC region: Outer Regional ASGC region: Remote & Very Remote
Setting 1: Patients attending a clinic b $41.03 $37.89 $52.83 $59.49
Setting 2: Mobile Outreach Visits (1 staff) b $37.70 $34.16 $46.28 $55.46
Setting 3: Mobile Outreach Visits (> 1 staff) b $33.76 $26.05 $20.66 $117.59
Total cost ($) by ASGC region (Cost Setting 1 + Cost Setting 2 + Cost Setting 3) $112.49 $98.10 $119.78 $232.53
National risperidone LAI unit sales weightings by ASGC regions 62.4% 19.5% 14.0% 4.2%
National average cost per two-weekly injection $115.70
  1. a the average injection time and related tasks associated with the administration of risperidone LAI is the same regardless of patient treatment setting (attendance at a clinic or mental health staff visiting a patient outside the clinic)
  2. b Weighted as the proportion of patient visits within each ASGC region