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Table 1 Roles and Powers of Kenyan Health Facility Committees

From: Health facility committees and facility management - exploring the nature and depth of their roles in Coast Province, Kenya

Roles of the HFC
1 To oversee the general operations and management of the health facility
2 To advise the community on matters related to the promotion of health services
3 To represent and articulate community interests on matters pertaining to health in local development forums
4 To facilitate a feedback process to the community pertaining to the operations and management of the health facility
5 To implement community decisions pertaining to their own health
6 To mobilise community resources towards the development of health services within the area
Powers of the HFC
1 The committee shall have the authority to raise funds from within itself, the community or from donors and other well-wishers for the purpose of financing the operations and maintenance of the facility
2 The committee shall have authority to hire and fire subordinate staff employed by itself in the health facility
3 The committee shall oversee the development and expansion and maintenance of the physical facilities within their respective area
  1. Source: Managing a Health Facility: A Handbook for Committee Members and Facility Staff. Ministry of Health & Aga Khan Health Service, Kenya, Second Edition, 2005 [13]