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Table 8 Dimensions of promoting advocacy

From: Identifying important breast cancer control strategies in Asia, Latin America and the Middle East/North Africa


Representative quote

Patient empowerment

"We are challenged by women who are younger and better educated. They want to know everything and be involved with all decisions [about their breast cancer]." [Policy maker from Australia]

Managing survivorship

"We need more nurses and trained staff to take on the challenges related to the growing number of breast cancer survivors and the increase of side effects including the long-term effects of worrying and on the family" [Hospital manager from Latin America]

Quality of life

"Quality of life is important because breast cancer patients can live for a long time and their emotional well being is important".

[Patient advocate from Canada]

"We use quality-of-life protocols derived from western countries, however there are cultural differences that need to be incorporated."

[Physician from Asia]

Metastatic disease

"Women present for the first time at a late stage of disease - often metastatic" [Physician from Middle East/North Africa]

Organized advocacy

"Our government is very concerned about national breast cancer advocacy - if it gains power, then the government not only will have to support it, but it will have to also pay attention to other cancer groups." [Patient advocate from Asia]