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Table 6 Dimensions of developing evidence

From: Identifying important breast cancer control strategies in Asia, Latin America and the Middle East/North Africa


Representative quote

Study of local etiology

"Asian women get breast cancer earlier than US women. We need to know why." [Hospital manager from Asia]

"We are seeing breast cancer in women 10 years earlier than Caucasians." [Surgeon from Asia]

Personalized therapy

"We need to individualize therapy; however, we have to follow a cook book approach or funds are cut." [Physician from Canada]

Developing guidelines

"Breast cancer in developing countries is not the same as in the West. We need non-Western clinical protocols to address the need for screening among younger cohorts."

[Hospital manager from Middle East/North Africa]

International networks

"Currently, we have to wait every six months to meet in international conferences to exchange information with colleagues. I would like to find the opportunity where I can discuss clinical issues more often with colleagues."

[Academic from Asia]

Local communication

"We should be continuously discussing and comparing notes within our own group as well as with other cancer centers, we should be pooling and building on our collective local knowledge"

[Hospital Manager from Latin American]