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Table 2 Focus groups/interviews-Key prompts

From: Ten steps or climbing a mountain: A study of Australian health professionals' perceptions of implementing the baby friendly health initiative to protect, promote and support breastfeeding

1. What do you know about the BFHI? What are your general views and opinions about the BFI?
2. What stage of BFI implementation is your unit at and what is your role in relation to the implementation of the BFI?
3. What do you think are the challenges that your hospital is or will face in becoming Baby Friendly? What aspects of the BFI do you think are, or will be easy for your hospital to implement? What aspects of the BFI do you think are or will be difficult?
4. If there was something you could change in how women are cared for with regards breastfeeding what would you change?
5. How do you think working in this hospital once it is baby friendly hospital will be different from what it's like working here now?
6. How do you think the experience of having a baby in this hospital will be different once becomes baby friendly?
7. Do you have a breastfeeding policy here? If so, how was it developed and do you refer to the breastfeeding policy? Do other staff, in general follow it? Why, why not?