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Table 2 Perceived advantages and disadvantages of down-referral as mentioned by focus groups

From: A study of patient attitudes towards decentralisation of HIV care in an urban clinic in South Africa

Advantages Number of focus groups Disadvantages Number of focus groups
Proximity to clinics 8 Stigma 10
Transport savings for patients 8 Poor service at clinics 9
Necessity, owing to patient load at tertiary hospital 7 Inadequate drug supply 9
Time savings for patients 4 Preference for access to doctors 9
Respectful/helpful nurses at clinics 3 Lack of professionalism of nurses 7
   Convenience of hospital 6
   Fear of mistreatment at clinics 6
   Familiarity with health-care workers at tertiary hospital 5
   No time saving attending clinic 4
   No transport saving attending clinic 4