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Table 4 Measures of Client Satisfaction

From: Measuring client satisfaction and the quality of family planning services: A comparative analysis of public and private health facilities in Tanzania, Kenya and Ghana

Clients were told, "Now I am going to ask you some questions about some common problems clients have at health facilities. As I mention each one, please tell me whether any of these were problems for you today, and if so, whether they were large or small problems for you."
   • Time you waited
   • Ability to discuss problems or concerns about your health with the provider
   • Amount of explanation you received about any problem or method of FP
   • Quality of the examination and treatment provided
   • Privacy from having others see the examination
   • Privacy from having others hear your consultation discussion
   • Availability of medicines or methods at this facility
   • Hours of service at this facility
   • Number of days services are available to you
   • Cleanliness of the facility
   • How the staff treated you
   • Cost for services or treatment
   • Any problem you had today that I did not mention