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Table 4 Intention to test for HIV regressed on previous HIV testing, PMTCT knowledge, TPB variables and descriptive norm

From: Applying the theory of planned behaviour to explain HIV testing in antenatal settings in Addis Ababa - a cohort study

   Public facility Private facility
Step Variable β final
Step (Sig)
R2 R2
β final
Step (Sig)
R2 R2
Step I Previous HIV testing experience 0.03(0.14)      
  Previous HIV testing experience with partner 0.14(0.53)      
  PMTCT Knowledge 0.09(0.00)    0.08(0.15)   
    0.023 0.023   0.025 0.025
Step II Attitudes 0.14(0.00)    0.12(0.03)   
  Subjective norms 0.20(0.00)    0.32(0.00)   
  Descriptive norm 0.08(0.00)    0.07(0.34)   
  Perceived barriers -0.04(0.07)      
    0.115 0.092   0.19 0.164