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Table 1 States with Colorectal Cancer Screening Coverage Mandates

From: The association between state mandates of colorectal cancer screening coverage and colorectal cancer screening utilization among US adults aged 50 to 64 years with health insurance

State Date of implementation
Missouri 28-Aug-99
West Virginia 1-Apr-00
Indiana 1-Jul-00
Virginia 1-Jul-00
California 27-Sep-00
Rhode Island 31-Dec-00
Delaware 1-Jan-01
Maryland 1-Jul-01
Texas 1-Sep-01
Connecticut 1-Oct-01
North Carolina 1-Jan-02
Distict of Columbia 13-Apr-02
New Jersey 1-Jul-02
Georgia 1-Jul-02
Nevada 10-Oct-03
Illinois 1-Jan-04
Arkansas 1-Aug-05
Oregon 23-Aug-05
Louisiana 1-Jan-06
Alaska 1-Jan-07
New Mexico 1-Apr-07
Washington 1-Jul-08
  1. Note: States were excluded if they mandated partial coverage of some tests, "Offers" of coverage, or had voluntary agreements with insurance companies to provide coverage