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Table 2 Asthma Related Quality Improvement Goals and Outcome

From: Comparative effectiveness of asthma interventions within a practice based research network

Variable Measure/Instrument Data Source Frequency
Quality of Life Mini AQLQ, Mini PAQLQ, ATAQ Individual Patient Surveys and Focus Groups 6 months
Hospitalization Rates Inpatient Admission CHS Hospital Data, Medicaid Data Monthly
Acute Care Utilization ED/Urgent Care Visits CHS Data, Medicaid Data Monthly
Primary Care Utilization Primary Care Visits
(Fam. Med, Peds, IM)
CHS Data, Medicaid Data Monthly
School Attendance Days Missed from School School System (CMS) Data 6 months
School Performance Test Scores End of Grade (EOG) Test Scores 12 months
Demographics Race/Ethnicity, Gender, Age, Insurance Type, Address CHS System Data Monthly
Income Per capital household income, Home Value Claritas, Census Data,
UNC Urban Institute Data
6 Months
Housing Density/Location Homes per sq. mile Claritas, Census Data,
UNC Urban Institute Data
6 Months
Other Medical Conditions Obesity, Growth Delay, Developmental Delay, Upper Respirator Infections, Allergic Rhinitis, GERD, Diabetes, COPD, Cancer diagnosis, Hypertension, Congestive Heart Failure CHS Hospital and clinical data Monthly
Clinical Outcome Measures FEV1, Peak Flow, BMI, Height, Tobacco Use, Tobacco Exposure, Vaccination Rates CHS Electronic Medical Record/
Chart Abstraction
Medication Compliance Asthma Medications Prescribed, Prescriptions Filled, Refill requests CHS Electronic Prescribing Database, Medicaid Data Monthly