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Table 1 Differences between AC regions in chronic care management categorized by the CCM elements (N = 59)

From: Differences in patient outcomes and chronic care management of oral anticoagulant therapy: an explorative study

  N mean (sd)
Health care organization   
Client board 56  
Quality manager 58  
Quality improvement system (none/IKA or VIM/both) 1/10/48  
Insight in telephonic waiting times(proxy patient orientation) 24  
Accreditation (no/once/more than once) 14/13/32  
Self management support   
Percentage of self management patients   5.0 (4.9)
Self-management support with webbased application 15  
Frequency of self management control by AC   3.8 (1.4)
Delivery system (re)design   
Regional multidisciplinary meeting 7  
Specialized nurses versus doctors   8.7(11.3)
Decision support   
Formal agreements with hospitals 34  
Software used for dosage advice 57  
Info to AC about prescribed interacting drugs (no. always and mean (scale never-always: 0-3))   
   Info from the pharmacist about starting 28 2.4 (0.6)
   Info from the dispensing GP about starting 11 1.5 (1.0)
   Info from the pharmacist about change/discontinue 12 1.6 (1.0)
   Info from the dispensing GP about change/discontinue 4 1.0 (1.0)
Information from the hospital (scale slow-fast: 0-10)   1.1 (1.5)
Clinical information systems   
Communication medium (telephone or other with INR > 8) 44  
Webbased patient information for dosage advice 11  
  1. GP (general practitioner), IKA (system to report ideas, complaints and deviations), INR (International normalized ratio), VIM (safe reporting of incidents).