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Table 5 Investment options by weighted score

From: Difficult decisions in times of constraint: Criteria based Resource Allocation in the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority

Investment Opportunity* Weighted Score** Annualized Investment***
1 2.07 $95,000
2 1.87 $69,600
3 1.72 $10,000
4 1.43 $45,000
5 0.44 $310,000
TOTAL   $529,600
  1. *These proposals were put forward for consideration but were not acted upon immediately.
  2. **Higher weighted scores indicate greater benefit gain by acting on the investment opportunity.
  3. ***If marginal analysis was to proceed beyond deficit elimination, re-allocation from disinvestment 43 to investments 1 to 3 would be recommended, as the benefit loss on the disinvestment is less then the potential benefit gained through these investments. Investment opportunity 4 and 5 would not proceed as the expected benefit gain is less then the benefit loss of disinvestment 44.