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Table 2 score system for primary endpoint IN TOUCH

From: The value of INnovative ICT guided disease management combined with Telemonitoring in OUtpatient clinics for Chronic Heart failure patients. Design and methodology of the IN TOUCH study: a multicenter randomised trial

End point Score
Death (at any time during study) -3
Survival to end of study 0
First readmission for heart failure -1
No readmission for heart failure 0
Change in quality of life at 9 months
Improvement ≥ 20 units +2
Improvement by 10 until 19 units +1
No improvement by -9 until +4 units 0
Worsening by +5 until +9 units -1
Worsening by ≥ 10 units -2
Possible score -6 to +2