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Table 3 Disease-specific* odd ratios of hospital unplanned readmission

From: Unplanned readmission rates, length of hospital stay, mortality, and medical costs of ten common medical conditions: a retrospective analysis of Hong Kong hospital data

Principal Diagnosis OR(95% CI)
Malignant neoplasms 1.22(1.17-1.28)**
Heart disease 1.14(1.11-1.17)**
Cerebrovascular disease 0.45(0.42-0.47)**
Pneumonia 1.13(1.09-1.16)**
Injury and poisoning 0.85(0.79-0.91)**
Nephritis nephritic syndrome and nephrosis 1.01(0.96-1.07)
Diabetes mellitus 0.73(0.68-0.78)**
Chronic liver disease and cirrhosis 1.61(1.39-1.87)**
Septicaemia 1.19(1.11-1.30)**
Aortic aneurysm 0.59(0.41-0.84)**
  1. *The classifications were based on the principal diagnosis of the admission and the specific disease was compare to other diseases of the admission.
  2. †All odd ratios were adjusted for age, gender, received any public assistant, whether lived in elderly home, living district and cluster of admitted hospital in Hong Kong.
  3. **Significant at P < 0.05