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Table 4 Initial Staging Questions

From: Design and methods for a randomized clinical trial comparing three outreach efforts to improve screening mammography adherence

• For those with no record of a mammogram: "Have you ever had a mammogram"?
• If never had a mammogram: "Have you ever heard about a mammogram" "Do you know what a mammogram is?"
• For those who have had a mammogram: "Are you planning or thinking about getting a mammogram?"
• If planning: "Within 3 months?" "More than 3 months?" " Don't know when"
• If planning: "Can I schedule you now? When?"
• If not planning: "Have you decided not to get a mammogram?"
• If decided no: "Have you thought seriously about whether mammograms are for you?"
"Are you unable to decide to get a mammogram?" "Do you mean you would never get
a mammogram or you would not get a mammogram unless something happened?"