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Table 2 Observational Data

From: A complex regional intervention to implement advance care planning in one town's nursing homes: Protocol of a controlled inter-regional study

Data source Items
n/h file (all participants) hospital stays; death; evidence of advance care plan/advance directive, if given: further details
hospital file (if given) mode and cause of hospitalization
  length of stay in the hospital/in the intensive care unit
  index surgical or medical interventions, including CPR, endotracheal ventilation (days), feeding tube insertion, endoscopy and CT/MRI imaging
  evidence of advance care plan/AD: filed copy or note in discharge letter
file and last caregiver of deceased residents place of dying
  CPR before death
  presence of an advance care plan (e.g., AD, POLST) before death
  caregiver's evaluation of the amount of suffering before death and of the appropriateness of palliative care
  advance directive or physician's note of therapy restriction