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Table 1 Distribution of ICD-10-GM codes considered indicative of an adverse drug event (ADE)

From: Drug-related admissions and hospital-acquired adverse drug events in Germany: a longitudinal analysis from 2003 to 2007 of ICD-10-coded routine data

Category Definition Number of codes Proportion of all codes
A.1 Caused by a drug 104 20.6%
A.2 Caused by a drug or other substance 78 15.4%
B.1 Poisoning by drug 133 26.3%
B.2 Poisoning by or harmful use of a drug or other substance 15 3.0%
C ADE very likely 30 5.9%
D ADE likely 83 16.4%
E ADE possible 62 12.3%
Total   505 100.0%