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Table 3 Participants' Characteristics

From: Patients as healthcare consumers in the public and private sectors: a qualitative study of acupuncture in the UK

Characteristic Frequency (%)
Female 20 (74%)
Age (range) 23-75
Accessed acupuncture in:  
   Private sector only 14 (52%)
   Public sector only 5 (19%)
   Both sectors 8 (30%)
Paid for private acupuncture*:  
   With private medical insurance 4 (29%)
   Out of pocket 8 (57%)
   Both 2 (14%)
Primary Condition(s) Chronic pain including pain in foot, knee, back, neck, shoulder.
  1. *Information only available for "private sector only" participants. The financial cost of acupuncture in the private sector varies across individual practitioners, but clinics in the vicinity of this study typically charge around £50 for an initial appointment and £35 for a follow-up appointment.