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Table 1 Characteristics of respondents, and the patients the communities cared for

From: Home mechanical ventilation and specialised health care in the community: Between a rock and a hard place

Focus gr/community Profession Total patients* Total years of experience with HMV Patient's residence
1 RN/nurse manager,
RN/previous nurse manager,
RN, PA and 2 CNAs
1 9 1 Assisted-living facility
2 RN/nurse manager,
RN/nurse manager, LVN, 2 CNA's and 4 RN's
3 39 2 Assisted-living facilities
1 Private residence
3 RN/Communal director, social educator/unit manager, critical care RN and 2 RN's 3 33 2 Assisted-living facilities
1 Private residence
4 RN/previous leader,
social educator/unit manager, environmental therapist, child pedagogue,
2 PA's and 2 CNA's
5 48 5 Private residences
5 Child welfare social worker/unit manager,
RN/case manager, RN/consultant, social educator and 2 RN's
2 20 2 Private residences
  1. Abbreviation: RN: registered nurse, PA: personal assistant, CNA: certified Nursing Assistant, LVN: licenced vocational nurse
  2. *all patients had tracheostomies and were ventilator dependent for either the entire or majority of the day