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Table 3 quotes from participants

From: Missing Clinical Information in NHS hospital outpatient clinics: prevalence, causes and effects on patient care

Quote reference Quote and participant reference
1 "...where the patient needs either a biopsy, maybe they need some form of staging scan, may need something else, and frankly it, you want everything lined up in the right order, and organisationally, that can be logistically very difficult." Surgeon, organisation E
2 " Computers aren't in every room ... we have a computer in the nurses' station, which is quite a busy area just with you trying to get results" Outpatient nurse, organisation E
3 "I have to say one thing is operating notes. from previous operations are sometimes very important and I find it hard in this hospital sometimes to find these. And the problem is maybe I don't know where they are but I have the feeling they are handwritten notes" Surgeon, organisation A
4 "Some of the doctors forget their password or they haven't got a password so they can't always access the system... the x-ray system it's a different password" Outpatient nurse, organisation E