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Table 1 Methods identified for each topic

From: Development of modelling method selection tool for health services management: From problem structuring methods to modelling and simulation methods

Topics Primary methods identified
1. Simulation and modelling in health care Regression Analysis, Discrete Event Simulation, Mathematical Programming/Optimisation Methods, Markov Models, Queuing Theory, Structural Equation Modelling, System Dynamics, Process Mapping, Spatial Mapping, Monte Carlo Simulation, Cognitive Mapping, Soft Systems Methodology
2. Simulation and modelling in aerospace and the military Distributed Simulation, Discrete Event Simulation, System Dynamics, Real Time Simulation, Monte Carlo Simulation, Agent Based Simulation, War Gaming, Hybrid Simulation, Inverse Simulation, Petri-net, Markovian Model, Stochastic Combat Simulation
3. Simulation and modelling in manufacturing Discrete Event Simulation, System Dynamics, Agent-Based Simulation, Monte-Carlo Simulation, Petri-nets, Simulation Gaming, Virtual Simulation, Distributed Simulation
4. Management and planning methods in health care Lean, Six sigma, Rapid-cycle improvement, Theory of Constraints, Benchmarking, Focus group, Interviews, Narrative approach, Observation, Process analysis, Questionnaire survey, Cognitive task analysis, Action research, Risk analysis