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Table 2 Key design features of programmes across sites

From: Importance of strategic management in the implementation of private medicine retailer programmes: case studies from three districts in Kenya

Characteristics Kwale-MoH Kisii-Merlin Bungoma-AMREF
Training PMRs and their suppliers Two-day participatory training workshops of PMRs to build their capacity Three-day participatory training of PMRs to build their capacity Social marketing, training of Mobile vendors, wholesale attendants, to disseminate job aids and build their capacity
Creating demand from consumers for appropriate drugs Raising community awareness through supply of IEC materials to PMRs for distribution Raising community awareness through public meetings, schools and churches and distribution of T-shirts with messages on fever management at community level Raising community awareness through pyramid process, using drama, songs and community contacts
Accreditation of trained outlets Provision of paper posters to enhance their credibility in the eyes of consumers Provisions of wooden posters and award of certificates to enhance their credibility in the eyes of consumers Enhancing their credibility through signing agreement forms, letters of approval and providing copies of the official government notice on recommended drugs
Motivation of actors Motivating actors participating in workshops through financial token. Per diem allowances of $ 3.7 given to PMRs, and $ 5.2 for PHOs and DHMT members participating in the workshops. Financial token and recognition through public meeting. $7.5 was given to mobile vendors and PHOs and DHMT members and recognition certificates to trainers and PMRs who performed well in the intervention during public meetings dubbed “Malaria Effective Treatment Nights”.
Monitoring and evaluation None Record keeping, quizzes and operational research supplemented with dialogue to solve problems encountered and on site reminders to promote sustainability of the new knowledge. Through quizzes and operational research to sustain knowledge gained and assess areas for further improvement, receipts on distributed IEC materials collected to assess coverage.
Implementing agencies/funding MoH –Global Fund NGO-Merlin in collaboration with MoH with funding from Government of Finland AMREF, USAID, QAP through contractual agreements between AMREF and CDC