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Table 1 Chronological events related to cervical cancer prevention policy in Thailand

From: Scaling up cervical cancer screening in the midst of human papillomavirus vaccination advocacy in Thailand

Date Important event
1960s Introduction of Pap smear as clinical examination in women who attended particular services in hospitals
2000 Instigation of VIA program as a pilot project for screening purposes
2002 Pap smear offered, as screening test, to entire female population between 35 and 60 years old
2004 Cervical cancer screening tests covered by national Universal Coverage scheme
2006 ■ Launch of first HPV vaccine in the United States of America
■ Distribution of first WHO policy and technical document concerning HPV vaccination to policymakers and health workers
2007 ■ Two HPV vaccine products licensed for use in Thailand
■ Consultations on cervical cancer control and HPV vaccination among WHO Member States in 6 regions including the South-east Asia and Western Pacific regional meeting in Thailand in April
■ A study to identify an optimal strategy for cervical cancer prevention in Thailand was conducted by 2 research institutes under the MoPH, namely IHPP and HITAP. The preliminary results were disseminated in December
2008 ■ The GAVI Alliance announced it would consider future support of new and underused vaccines to fight deadly disease in developing countries which included cervical cancer
■ A Declaration made at the World Cancer Congress in Geneva in August called for action to ensure that HPV vaccines and other effective strategies to prevent cancer-causing infection were made widely available
■ Changes in Thailand’s Prime Minister in January, September and December and many cabinet reshuffles
■ IHPP-HITAP study report launched in August
■ From August to December, the MoPH introduced a campaign to extend the coverage of its cervical cancer screening service: the ‘116-Day initiative’
2009 ■ Price for the two HPV vaccine products were reduced by the vaccine companies in February and April
  1. Note: GAVI Alliance stands for Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization; IHPP for International Health Policy Program; and HITAP for Health Intervention and Technology Assessment Program.