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Table 3 Factor labels and items after E/CFA step

From: Validity and reliability of a multiple-group measurement scale for interprofessional collaboration

Num. Factor label/text
1 <We> have a good understanding with <them> about our respective responsibilities.
3 *I feel that patient treatment and care are not adequately discussed between <us> and <them>.
9 <They> anticipate when <we> will need their help.
10 Important information is always passed on between <us> and <them>.
11 *Disagreements with <them> often remain unresolved.
2 <They> are usually willing to take into account the convenience of <us> when planning their work.
4 <We> and <they> share similar ideas about how to treat patients.
5 <They> are willing to discuss <our> issues.
6 <They> cooperate with the way we organize <our> care.
7 <They> would be willing to cooperate with new <our> practices.
  Factor 3: Isolation
8 *The <they> do not usually ask for <our> opinions.
12 *<They> think their work is more important than the work of <us>.
13 *<They> would not be willing to discuss their new practices with <us>.
  1. * Reverse-coded