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Table 2 Core concepts and Sub-concepts

From: The experience of living with chronic heart failure: a narrative review of qualitative studies

Central Concepts No of papers (n = 30) Sub-concepts
1. Impact of CHF on everyday life
Social isolation 20 Feeling abandoned; Physical restrictions; Food and diet; Medication; Fatigue; Relationships with family and friends
Living in fear 16 Uncertainty; Frustrated; Sleep; Work restrictions; Being limited; Behaviour change
Losing a sense of control 15 Symptoms; Being limited; Helplessness; Unpredictable
2. Common patterns of coping strategies
Sharing experiences 13 Practical support; Psychological support; Emotional support; Knowledge; Assistance; Friends/family; Comfort
Being flexible to changing circumstances 14 Coping; Adjustment; Awareness; Acceptance; Making changes
3. Factors influencing self care and/or the provision of good care
Knowledge 17 Knowledge; lack of knowledge; Acquiring information; Self-management; Self care; Emotional benefit; Navigating health services; Access to services
Health Services -- availability and access 3 Time constraints; Communication; Negative experience; Patient satisfaction
Health Services -- continuity and quality of care 15 Advice; Self care; Time constraints; Self care; Trust; Multiple care providers; Conflicting advice; Confusion; Education
Co-morbidity 11 Depression; Diabetes; Arthritis; Dietary restriction; Exercise; Sexual life
Personal Relationships 26 Family; Friends; Sexual life; Peers with CHF; Changing roles; Social isolation