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Table 3 Assessments.

From: Effects of standard training in the use of closed-circuit televisions in visually impaired adults: design of a training protocol and a randomized controlled trial

Type Screening Baseline Pre-training Post-training
(three months follow-up)
Low Vision Examination X    
Low Vision Device Evaluation X    
Eligibility screening X    
Demographics   X   X
Euroqol 5 Dimensions [34]   X   X
Euroqol Thermometer [34]   X   X
LVQOL [35]   X   X
CES-D [36]   X   X
AVL [37]   X   X
Radner Reading Chart [28]    X X
Test Technical Reading 345678 [31]    X X
Reading comprehension test [32]    X X
Dutch version of the Activity Inventory [33]    X X
Use and satisfaction Questionnaire    X X