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Table 5 Medication for which reimbursement was sought and actions of the patient organisation

From: Patient organisations and the reimbursement process for medicines: an exploratory study in eight European countries

Medication 2 Patient organisation Actions
Atorvastatin and rosuvastatin Heart Association, Finland (Special) reimbursement application directed to the concerned authorities
Statins Diabetes Federation, Ireland - Lobbying the government (national and local level) for complete reimbursement.
The Departement of Health and politicians were asked to support the application
Methylfenidate Riksförbundet Attention, Sweden - Informing the media
- Broadcasting the names of individuals who needed the medication
- Commissioning university research on the life conditions of members.
Glargin and detemir Vlaamse Diabetes Vereniging, Belgium Providing scientific advice to the concerned Minister.
Asthma inhaling medication Astma och Allergi Förbundet, Sweden Letters to the concerned authorities.
Clopidrogel Stichting Hoofd Hart en Vaten (SHHV), Netherlands - Inviting the concerned parties around the table
- Informing the media
- Letters to the concerned authorities
Statins Heart Foundation, Denmark Letters to the concerned authorities.
Interferon-beta Nationale Multiple Sclerose Liga, Belgium Written protest to the Department of Health.
Combination of levodopa&carbidopa (duodopa) Parkinson Association, Belgium Letters to the concerned authorities.
Rasagilin Parkinson Patiënten Vereniging, Netherlands Letters to the concerned authorities.
  1. 2 We asked for the most recent medicine for which action was taken (January 2007). Some patient organisations have taken more actions than for the above mentioned medicines, but they did not specify their actions for these medicines.