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Table 5 Comparison of outcome quality in DMP and usual-care. Results from multivariate linear regression analyses (n = 836)

From: Selection effects may account for better outcomes of the German Disease Management Program for type 2 diabetes

Outcome indicators DMP versus usual-care patients (adjusted) 95% confidence interval p*
Course of GHb -0.11% -0.63 to 0.28 0.208
Course of systolic BP -3.57 mmHg -0.98 to -6.15 0.008
  1. Adjusted for length of observation period between t0 and t1, age, gender, duration of diabetes, depression, medication (regarding GHb only), smoking status (regarding BP only) and diabetes education activity of the GP.
  2. * Statistically significant results (p ≤ 0.05) in italic and bold letters.