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Table 3 Cost-Effectiveness ratios for each strategy modeled.

From: Cost-effectiveness of six strategies for Helicobacter pyloridiagnosis and management in uninvestigated dyspepsia assuming a high resource intensity practice pattern

Strategy Cost per symptom free year (95% CI*)
Empiric PPI Trial 122.13 (120.00-124.88)
Stool Ag 123.23 (120.68-125.58)
IgG serology 125.76 (123.18-128.27)
IgG serology w/reflex to Stool Ag 126.17 (123.43-128.08)
Breath test 128.31 (125.69-130.72)
IgG/IgA binary serology 129.04 (126.43-131.48)
  1. Numerical values are in $US per symptom-free year.