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Table 5 Overarching assessment categories

From: The representation of patient experience and satisfaction in physician rating sites. A criteria-based analysis of English- and German-language sites

Success of outcome General satisfaction Willingness to recommend the doctor
1   Overall, what is your opinion of this doctor?  
2 How did his treatments work for you?   
4 Your treatment success Overall rating  
6   Your patient satisfaction score rating for this visit:  
8   Overall quality of care Would you recommend this doctor?
9 Find a   Patient satisfaction (This is your overall level of satisfaction with the doctor and his or her treatment) recommend this doctor to a family member or close friend
10 Helpful Overall rating  
11   How would you rate this doctor and the office overall?  
12 Helpfulness   
14 Were you better after the treatment? Satisfaction with the treatment  
15 Assessment of the quality of treatment in general General satisfaction Would you recommend this doctor?
16   Total impression Readiness to recommend the doctor
17 Medfü Medical services (satisfaction with the results of the treatment)   
18 Medical assessment (How do you subjectively judge the success of the treatment?) Total assessment  
19   Total rating Recommendation (to your best friend)
20 I find the result of the treatment to be very good   I would feel very good recommending this doctor to friends and relatives
21   Total impression