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Table 4 Organizational aspects of medical practice

From: The representation of patient experience and satisfaction in physician rating sites. A criteria-based analysis of English- and German-language sites




Medical and technical facilities


Office characteristics

Office organization, Waiting time

Office staff



Ease in getting an appointment


Waiting time during a visit

Courtesy and professionalism of office staff



How long does the doctor keep you waiting?

How is the service and helpfulness of the doctor's staff?



Availability - Appointments are available easily and on a timely basis. (Is there good after-hours support? Can the doctor be reached over phone? How about availability by email?)


Punctuality - Is reasonably punctual with appointments. (How is the wait time in the office? Has the doctor cancelled appointments?)

Office Staff - Office staff is courteous and professional. Do your phone messages get communicated to the doctor? Is the staff sensitive to you and your condition?


Ability to get all of the care for your health problem or illness at this clinic.

The ability to see the health care provider you wanted to see at this clinic/Getting the advice or help you needed after office hours.

Patient convenience such as ample parking and location of office

Getting your test results back in a timely manner./About how many days did you have to wait to get an appointment to see the doctor?/After arriving at the office, how many minutes did you wait before seeing the doctor/About how many minutes did the doctor spend with you in your most recent visit

The friendliness and courtesy of the office staff.




Office Staff



Punctuality/approximate time spent in waiting room

Office staff



Time spent in waiting room




Doctor availability

Cleanliness of office

Waiting room time/Returns calls in a timely fashion/Accuracy of billing

Professionalism of staff



Office Setting (This is a measurement of the appearance and cleanliness, of a doctor's facilities)

Wait Time (How long you have to wait to get an appointment and how long you have to wait in the doctor's office.)

Office Staff (How well the office staff meets your needs as a patient)



Wait Times/Costs/Fees



Medical equipment

Time you waited to get an appointment after requesting one


Cost/Time you waited in the waiting room

The Office staff/The nurses



Punctuality, post appointment action

The secretary/administrative assistant


Office facilities: no computers

Availability of appointments: how quickly did you get an appointment?

Office organization, information on the organizational structure of the office

Punctuality, how long you had to wait in the waiting room

Staff, how friendly and well-organized were the office staff in making appointments and in the office



Waiting times for an appointment (optional), availability by telephone (optional), public accessibility, parking spaces (optional)

Office facilities (optional); Entertainment in the waiting room (optional)

Waiting times in the office (optional)

Attentiveness and friendliness of the entire personnel (optional)



Satisfaction with the waiting time for an appointment, how long did you wait?

Satisfaction with the atmosphere

Satisfaction with the waiting times, how long did you wait; house visits

Satisfaction with the friendliness of the office staff


Office facilities (up-to-date)

Office organization (making appointments)

How did you find the office facilities (well-kept waiting room, tidy examination room)

Office organization (office waiting time, attended to during the waiting time)


17 Medfü


Appointment (were you satisfied with the time needed to get an appointment with this doctor), getting there (parking spaces, directions, accessibility), doctor-patient relation (is the doctor available by telephone)

Reception (satisfaction with the diversions in the office); Office premises (service, ambiance, cleanliness and hygiene)

Reception (satisfaction with the organization and waiting times); Medical secretary (access to patient files)

Reception (friendly greeting); Medical secretary (professional competence and friendliness of the team)



Personal assessment (how satisfied were you with how you were treated - thoroughness, cleanliness)

Personal assessment (how satisfied were you with the waiting times)

Personal assessment (how satisfied were you with the friendliness)



Organisation and service (availability by telephone, available office hours, availability of appointment, accessibility with public transportation, parking)

Appearance (equipment, hygiene, signs, clear arrangement)

Organization and service (waiting time in the office)

Personnel (friendliness, readiness to help, respetfulness, clarity of information, preservation of privacy)



The appointments were always kept

The premises and the facilities of the office left a very good impression on me

There were hardly waiting times

I was always treated with friendliness and consideration by the office staff



Atmosphere, equipment

Waiting time